Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Be Aware of Cookies from McDonald's

I went through the drive through at McDonald's the other day to get my children a happy meal.  When I got the food, the lady gave me 2 cookies and said, "here are some free samples of some cookies McDonald's is trying out".  I took the cookies, wrapped in a wrapper and drove off.  When I got to my children's school to deliver their lunches, I read the label on the cookies.  And wouldn't you know?  An innocently packaged sugar cookie in the shape of Ronald McDonald's face said on the label "this product may contain peanuts".   It was written in such tiny print I couldn't have read it had it not been for the bright sunlight.

Those cute little cookies McDonald's was giving out are not safe for a child allergic to peanuts.  McDonald's has always been a "safe place" for Amanda to eat, who is allergic to peanuts.  The restaurant does have peanuts though because they serve them with some of their desserts.   

We've never had an incident there, but it's good information to be aware of.

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  1. McDonalds is on our safe list... but they do have numerous products with nuts. The old style cookies were not safe either. McFlurries are off limits due to M&Ms, and of course there are the prepacked walnuts and peanuts.

    For my pn/tn allergic son we assume ALL bakery items are not safe unless it is a brand we totally trust.(Which are far and few between...) That included vanilla sheet cakes from the bakery. For me it's just safer to keep a safe treat in the purse and keep on trucking. :)

    Strange places we've found tn/pn warnings: salsa, canned tomatoes, raisins, lollipops, gummies (those surprised me the first time, I got over it!), spaghetti sauce, pasta, and well... just about any other place we could never imagine.

    It does get easier as time goes by. It's all autopilot these days. ;-) That, and I have plans to get me son an allergen detection dog by his early teen years.

    Best wishes