Friday, April 24, 2009

No to energy bars that contain traces of peanuts.

Yesterday Amanda was invited to go to a horse stable with a friend after school.  I spoke to the mom and knowing they were going to be gone awhile the mom told me she was packing snacks.  I said nothing with peanuts, ok?  She said, oh of course not.

After school I met with Amanda and told her she was going to the horse stable and the mom was there and said "I have snacks - energy bars".  Red flag warning.  Typically there are no safe energy bars or granola bars.  I don't know this to be true for all the bars because I haven't looked into it but my red flag went up.  Good thing.  I asked to read the package on one and Amanda read the package on another flavor.  Both said "contain traces of nuts".

We can never assume another adult who doesn't have a PA child will look at every label of a snack before giving it to a PA child.  Thank God Amanda can read labels - and she does diligently!!! Yay!

Today Amanda was out of school and was with me on errands when she got really hungry.  We were in a store and someone offered her some cookies to take the hunger pains away until we could get to lunch.  We always have to ask, and the cookies were innocent to someone as they were gluten and wheat free to some who has Celiac disease, but they had Pecans.  A no no to someone allergic to tree-nuts.

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  1. What a frustrating thing with the allergy to peanuts!! We have been dealing with lactose intolerance in my 9 year old. Lactose and whey is in SO MANY THINGS!

    I found your blog through Diana Evans's blog. I want to see this book of yours. How fun!