Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What a brilliant idea!

My wonderful friend Diana Evans who, is illustrating my next book sent me this picture of some Quaker Oat bars sold at her local grocery store.   She lives in Ontario, Canada.  Look how on the front in big bold letters it says PEANUT-FREE.  Wow with labels like this we wouldn't even have to read the ingredients.  That would make feeding Amanda so much easier.   My problem is that the label where they list the ingredients is so small.  Lately, though I have seen some improvement where a few manufacturers are putting  "Allergy Information" listed separately.  It makes it a little easier to look for - but it's still on the back.

Where I shop I wouldn't have even bothered reading the ingredients on this type of food. I would have just walked on by, because they most certainly always say....may contain peanuts or the newest phrase I'm seeing....processed in a plant where peanut products are produced.  Cross-contamination is the main thing I have to be aware of and diligent about when I see labels like that, so we just steer clear of it.  

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