Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Back from donating platelets

Well that took long than I thought.hour   The whole trip for me was actually 3 1/2 hours because when you get there they have to make sure you are healthy enough to even give platelets.

So as I sit here gobbling up the Grandma's Sandwich Creme cookies that I picked up at the Blood center, I just happen to see that on the back in very small print it says,  

Allergy information:  This product is made on equipment that also makes products containing peanuts.  

This is exactly why Amanda is afraid to eat cookies at all.   The manufactures are putting that on so many of their products.    

Wouldn't it be nice if one day manufacturers put PEANUT FREE on the front of food items?  We could probably get our shopping done in half the time!!

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  1. Carla ...I love the new focus on your blog....I know you will help raise awareness and make a difference!!