Monday, April 20, 2009

A prayer for Deb

This has been consuming my mind and breaking my heart so I just have to mention it.   I met Deb at the Blood and Tissue Center here in San Antonio.   I was giving platelets and she was there to say thanks to the staff and to everyone giving blood and platelets - which was essential for her to survive and eventually go into remission from Leukemia.  She is a beautiful, inspiring person.

I was so deeply saddend to learn of her relapse in November 2008.  She is in the fight of her life.
Read when she was diagnosed here:

I'm going to give platelets today.  It's a 2 hour process (plus drive time), but it's relatively painless.  You are just hooked up to a machine that takes your red blood cells and platelets.   The last time I gave platelets they told me the platelets were going directly to Methodist Hospital to save an infant's life.  I've done it a lot these past few years since I've known Deb.    

I started giving platelets in September 2005 after the catastrophic hurricane Katrina (  hit the gulf coast.   Many, many people were in need of blood transfusions and platelets.  

And if you feel like giving blood or platelets, please call Tracy and the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center at 210-249-4436.  You could save a life.

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