Thursday, February 11, 2010

Update on Amanda's lymph node

I took Amanda to the doctor on Jan. 25 and he said her lymph node is infected and that it was probably related to her chronic sinus problems. It seems as though she is always stuffy and has to breathe through her mouth most of the time. He prescribed antibiotics and said the infection and swelling should go away. I got her the antibiotics and started her on them right away and didn't think more about it. I went out of town that Thursday and was shocked when I returned Monday and the lump was still noticeably there. I called the doctor first thing Tuesday morning and he was able to see her that afternoon. He prescribed a second round of antibiotics and told me to call an ENT doctor.

The ENT was able to see her on Feb. 9 and he measured the lump on her lymph node at 2 mm. So he ordered a blood test and now we wait on the results. Her follow up appoint. isn't until March 11. I hope I find out the results from the blood test soon.

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