Friday, February 19, 2010

This is for anyone who may have started reading my blog and saw my last post about Amanda getting a blood test. I know it is a little confusing.

Amanda did not get a blood test to see if she is allergic to peanuts. I have known she is anaphylactic to peanuts since she was 2. She got a blood test because she has an infected and swollen lymph node. I asked the doctor if they could also test for a tree nut allergy at the same time because she has a tremendous fear of needles and it would save her from having another blood test - especially when it can be done at the same time.
The blood test was strictly for the ENT to see what is going out with her white blood cell count. I wanted as a side to find out if Amanda is allergic to tree nuts because it would off she and I some peace of mind. One less thing to avoid.

Amanda has avoided peanuts and all tree nuts since she was first diagnosed at age 2.

It just struck me in the doctors office that there was great confusion with the nurse and what she was being tested for as far as the peanuts/tree nuts go. I had really regretted even asking for them to test for tree nuts because it created so much confusion because the nurse thought a peanut is a nut.

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