Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Blood test

Dr. Moe had Amanda take a blood test to test her white blood cell count and her liver. I asked if they could also test to see if she is allergic to tree nuts. We have always stayed away from tree nuts (almonds, cashews, walnuts etc.). So it will be good to know. I think they can also test the severity of her allergy to peanuts. Her Allergist wanted her to have a blood test last year to test for tree nuts, but Amanda is so afraid of needles, that the mere thought of them drawing blood from her gave her an anxiety attack.

I was able to talk her into it on Tuesday by promising to take her sonic and give her a Valentine's Day present early (was was a huge red and white stuffed dog). She agreed and off we went into the clinic. She was fine until the moment came and her anxiety kicked in and she realized what was happening. It took me and two nurses to hold her down to get that blood! Phew, glad that is over. Now we await the results to see exactly what is causing the lump on her lymph node.

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