Saturday, February 20, 2010

In reference to my previous post...

I am not interested in putting my daughter through something like that where they would give her small amounts of peanuts over time to help her overcome her severe peanut allergy. I know she wouldn't interested in it either. I have spoken to an adult who is 47 and has lived with a peanut allergy since he was a kid, say he would not be interested in doing that either.

Are you interested in having your child go through the process to get desensitized to peanuts?


  1. Hi Carla! I'm PJ from BlogNTweetzz. The peanut thing seems like cruelty to me. It would be like giving someone the flu so they would become immuned to it. I know the flu shot used to be the live virus and I didn't take the shot then either. I don't think that's a good idea because everyone has a different strength in their immune system and some could be "desensitized" easily, then others it might take a long time which would be putting that person through too much discomfort. I might could see it if they could guarantee success in one or two sessions, but I don't see how that could happen.

    That's my opinion. Don't do it.


  2. Hi Carla. I just found your blog and read your update on the advances doctors are making using immunotherapy. Thought I'd offer another perspective.

    My daughter is 7, has a peanut allergy and is participating in a clinical trial at Duke University. Every day I give her drops of a peanut protein under her tongue in hopes of over time re-training her immune system. Our family feels incredibly blessed to be part of this study. I've never felt that she was in any danger whatsoever.

    I have a friend whose daughter is all but done with the study and is now eating peanuts every day in order to keep her tolerance. They no longer keep EpiPens on hand nor read labels on everything they purchase at the grocery store. They no longer worry about her going out with her friends and eating something not safe at a restaurant. She goes to birthday parties and eats the cake along with everyone else. She eats at the same lunch table with all of her friends at school. The list goes on and on. I can only imagine! One of these days, that could be us!

    I too have a blog. I'm recording our journey in this clinical trial if you want to read more detail. It's