Monday, July 13, 2009

Swim Meets and Protecting children with Peanut Allergies

Amanda had her last swim meet last Thursday in a chaotic environment where the kids have to sit so close to each other between events that they are practically on top of each other. At swim meets the children get to eat snacks that the parents provide. They have to stay with their team the entire time. Not a big deal if your child doesn't have a peanut allergy, but it is if your does.

I provided healthy snacks for Amanda. She had the cooler with her and could get something to eat whenever she wanted. Every other child was there too with their snacks. So what's the most popular snack to give a child who is not allergic to peanuts? The peanut butter sandwich of course! And lots of kids had them. This was an uncontrolled environment. No rules can be set for over 300 kids ranging in age from 5 to 18. Amanda did what she needed to do as a responsible 9-year-old and walked away from anyone eating that "poison" sandwich.

There was another incidence where she got a little afraid because her best friend was eating a granola bar next to her. If you have a peanut allergic child, you know that your child can't stand even the slightest smell of peanuts. They also can't stand the thought of someone eating something containing peanuts next to them.

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  1. oh my heavens...parents bring peanut butter to meets...I am shocked....scary to think that is all around....