Monday, July 13, 2009

Are sweet rolls safe at McDonald's?

On the way to the swim meet on Thursday, my husband stopped and bought the kids sweet rolls from McDonald's. He didn't think anything about it. Well Amanda did and she wouldn't touch them with a ten foot pole. I found out about this when I met up with them at the Natatorium right before the meet started. I told Amanda she did the right thing in not eating them despite how starving she was. I asked Phil about the rolls and he confessed that he didn't ask anyone if the rolls had peanuts or contained peanuts. Aargghh!! Scary mistake!!!! A lot of breakfast pastries contain nuts or tree nuts! That scared me out of my mind that our daughter could have gone into anaphylaxis. Thank God Amanda is so cautious. She really is. I can't say enough about her diligence in not eating a crumb unless she can read the label. But regardless of how good she is about checking labels etc, etc, I'm still a nervous nelly because of mistakes and mislabeling and whatever else can go wrong.

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  1. Good for her....she knows how scary it is to eat these things and avoids everything if she is not sure...just like Penny in our book!!!