Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Loving your child, hating their peanut allergies

Does your child's peanut allergies ever make you feel overwhelmed, stressed or down?  I've felt all the above and I'm not afraid to admit it.  I just get plain scared sometimes.  I can't be there or protect her all the time.  And I Never will be able too.  It saddens me and scares me to think something could happen to her.  Of course cynics could say, well she could get hit by a car or die in a car crash or whatever.  But we are talking about the sustenance to life here.  We all have to eat.  And not all of us will potentially die from eating something that our body thinks is harmful and then attack itself by sending the immune system into anaphylactic shock.  Most of us can enjoy eating anything we want - only having to worry about calorie and fat intake.  If that's all I had to worry about with Amanda I would be giddy-happy.  But calories don't concern me at all.  I encourage her to eat fattening foods and all different kinds of foods because I want her to enjoy eating healthy - yet safe food.  She does remain on guard on doesn't eat anything unless I've made it or it's from McDonalds, or Red Robin.  She won't eat anything at other people's homes and NEVER eats cake, donuts, brownies or cookies outside of our home. that why she is so petite?  

Does anyone else see this in their child that has a food allergy?

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