Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I received the galley print for my next book!

This is the last step - to make sure everything is just right before going off to print.  I worked late yesterday with my wonderful illustrator/friend making changes to the front cover and back cover.  I also found several minor typos with the word tree-nuts which appears many times throughout the book.  I want to be consistent and make sure that the hyphen was between the word tree-nut.

My 10 year old daughter Amanda is severely allergic to peanuts and tree-nuts.  I wrote this based on things that we were finding out about her allergy and what she can and cannot eat.  The list is long of foods she has to avoid.

I also hope children - and parents - learn that when someone has a food allergy that it is never ok to joke with that person that something they are about to eat has peanuts in it.  Anyone who is anaphylactic to peanuts or tree-nuts has the potential to die in a short amount of time after ingesting the food that is contaminated.

So stay tuned so you can find out when my book "Peanuts" is coming out.  It's the story of a little girl named Penny who is allergic to peanuts and tree-nuts.  Her pet pony is aptly named "Peanuts" and he shares everything he knows about peanut allergies and keeping his friend safe.


  1. Books about allergies for children, do so much for them, way to go!

  2. brilliant idea, and the cover looks fantastic! Well done, a book like that can really help a child stop feeling so 'different' when they see that other kids are like them too...

  3. Yes, and I hope this book does help a lot of children deal with the difficulties of living with this life-threatening food allergy. My 10 year old daughter is anaphylactic to peanuts and it's been quite a learning experience. And we've even already dealt with bullies!