Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Emotional toll on children that have a food allergy

My daughter, Amanda is now 10 and has been allergic to peanuts and tree nuts since she was 23 months old.  As she got older and I told her about her peanut allergy and everything she can and can't eat, I've often wondered how this has affected her emotional state.  I think it really started bothering her in 2nd grade when there was a lot of talk about it in school and the other children were told not to get near her if they had eaten something that contained peanuts.  I remember Amanda coming home and telling me that another child was eating something that had peanut butter and touched her that would make her itch.  In 3rd grade it got worse with the "table" where kids sat that had food allergies.  She sat with 3 other boys so lunch was no fun at all in a cafeteria full of chatter and laughter.

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