Friday, May 14, 2010

This innocent looking package of candy that Amanda was about to eat said that it is processed in a plant that also manufactures peanuts.  I'm so thankful Amanda is diligent enough to read every label before she eats something.  It just goes to show the amount candy and foods that are unsafe for a peanut-allergic child.


  1. It must be scary having to be so careful about the food you prepare. I read a report years ago that linked peanut allergies to the high amount of pesticides on peanuts. This article said peanuts and cotton are rotated when they are grown and cotton is one of the most highly sprayed toxic crops in our country. Some allergies are related to the peanut itself and some are to the pesticides. I'm curious if you know if most peanut allergy sufferers also have alot of other food allleries? What do you think? Food for thought. Great blog!

  2. Amanda is actually allergic to the protein in the peanut itself. She is so allergic that if she ingests just a trace of a peanut, or residue, that is enough to send her into anaphylactic shock. Yes, there are so many children that are not only allergic to peanuts and tree nuts, but also to wheat, eggs, soy and milk products. No one has actually been able to figure out yet what is causing so many children to become allergic to all these foods. It is a sad fact that between 1999 and 2003 the number of children diagnosed with a food allergy tripled. I'm praying every day that they find a cure. It is heavy weight for these children to carry knowing that they could do something as innocent as eating the wrong food by accident and die.
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