Monday, May 10, 2010

Book is finally finished!

I had a tough decision to make the last couple of weeks.  I mulled over whether or not to make a minor change to the tile of my book "Peanuts".  I finally gave the go ahead over the weekend and now finally after almost a year of editing and re-editing this book, it is now going to be a reality.  I'm so excited I can hardly stand it.  I am now awaiting the hard copy in the mail so I can do one last edit.  I'm kind of a perfectionist and don't like to put out anything less than perfect, which is why it has taken me so long on this book.  It will be well worth the wait.

I can't wait to get that hard copy in my hands!! I remember when I received my first copy of my first children's book called "I Spy a Dragonfly".  What a thrill it was!  I could barely make it back home with shaking hands to show my kids.  I didn't stop smiling for a very long time.

I have my next book idea and am working on it trying to get it just right!

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