Wednesday, September 16, 2009

When a school is not peanut free

Amanda just started 4th grade. Our school does not have a peanut free table for lunch and there are no limitations in the classroom as far as what children can bring for a snack.

Last week Amanda came home and said "Mom, every one at my table in class eats a peanut butter sandwich for their snack".

The next day I was in the nurse's office discussing why my child has to be exposed to something she is severely allergic to. "It's not a peanut free school". The school doesn't even try to put all the peanut allergic in one class so as to alleviate a lot of children in the class bringing in peanut products as a snack.

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  1. I am surprised they are not willing to accommodate you with a peanut free table. My son just started Kindergarten and he is the first food allergy student the school has had. They serve peanut butter and jelly everyday in the cafeteria but they were willing to create a special peanut free table for him to sit at.

    I am so sorry. That must be so frustrating for you.