Friday, May 8, 2009

My Divvies Arrived!

I ordered some Peanut Free Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal cookies last week and they just came in last night.  On the front of the box it clearly says   MADE WITHOUT PEANUTS, TREE NUTS, EGGS, MILK    

These cookies are made by DIVVIES

And they best part?  They are yummy.  We all gobbled them up, even Sean who is not allergic to peanuts but doesn't like cookies that much.  Yes he has not been exposed to cookies or cakes because of Amanda's peanut allergy.  We simply just don't have a lot bakery goods laying around our house.  Sean (age 6) doesn't like chocolate either (again because I don't have chocolate in the house because of Amanda) but he gobbled up the Divvies chocolate chip cookies saying they were yummy.  This is how afraid Amanda is to eat anything new.  Even though she clearly read the label stating no peanuts or tree nuts she was still VERY hesitant to try them.  With much coaxing she took a very small bite and deemed the Oatmeal Raisin cookie one of the best she's had.  Besides Mom's of course.


  1. Hi Carlan, I am so happy to hear that Amanda and Sean enjoyed Divvies. Amanda, good for you for being so cautious about what foods you try. If you are ever near Divvies Bakery, we would love to give you a personal tour...children especially love coming to Divvies Bakery because we call it the "land of yes" will enter and be treated like a princess~~you may have anything your heart desires as everything is safe for you and amazingly delicious! My email is If you want to see our son Benjamin teach Martha Stewart how to make great nut- and dairy-free cupcakes, just click on the link on Divvies homepage...I think you and Sean will enjoy watching! Carla, all the best to you and your family! Lori Sandler

  2. Hi Carla, Thank you for trying Divvies. I am so happy that Sean and Amanda enjoyed them. Amanda, I hope you feel very proud of yourself for being so careful about what you eat. If you are ever near Divvies Bakery, please come for a personal tour. Children love visiting the bakery because we call it the "land of yes" will be able to enjoy everything and anything your heart desires at Divvies! Have you seen our son Benjamin teach Martha Stewart how to make cupcakes without nuts, milk and eggs? If not, I think you would enjoy's on Divvies homepage. It's really cool because he told Martha that he's just a regular kid who happens to have food allergies. He knows what it's like to have to be so careful all the time. Sounds like you and Sean are really cool kids, too. I hope we can meet you! All the best to you and your family. Lori Sandler (

  3. How cool! I've thought about ordering these before... but never bothered. Hmmm, with your review maybe I will. I make safe stuff for him, but the novelty of a safe bakery item might rock his world!

    And Lori -- we only hear totally amazing things about your bakery. THANK YOU for the awesome safe products! (That we will try very soon.) :-)