Monday, July 30, 2012

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Carla Burke is the author of two books: "I Spy a Dragonfly" and "My Name may be Peanuts but I Say Nay to PB& J." Her book,"I Spy A Dragon Fly" was chosen to receive the 2011 Christian Literacy Award.It was well deserved recognition for the years she spent writing and promoting it.
"I Spy A Dragonfly" is an endearing title for a children’s book. How did she come up with the idea for my book? In 2007 there was great deal of rain in San Antonio. One day she noticed swarms of colorful dragonflies darting about all over her property.She showed the dragonflies to her son, who was four years old at the time, hoping one would land on him. To their amazement, a small blue dragon fly settled on her son’s arm. He was so delighted that she wanted to write down their wondrous experience as a keepsake.In the end, her story became an enchanting children’s book instead.
Carla’s second book, "My Name may be Peanuts, but I say Nay to PB&J",concerns a very serious subject-food allergies. She wanted to educate children and parents about the dangers of food allergies. She hopes that her book will foster an understanding and prevent bullying of children who suffer from food allergies.
Does Carla have a work in progress? Yes, her new book will be released soon. It concerns therapeutic riding and the benefits to children with disabilities. Riding can be a life changing experience to children, not only physically, but emotionally as well. It helps them build self esteem.
Are you wondering what Carla enjoy s in her spare time? She loves volunteering at Saddle Light Therapeutic Riding Center. She enjoys seeing the tremendous changes that riding makes to the students there and satisfies her passion for horses as well. She’s a busy mom to her children, Sean and Amanda, and a devoted wife to her husband, Phil. If you’d like to purchase her books, please visit: or


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