Thursday, June 7, 2012

Life-changing wisdom and guidance for embracing transitions.

I'm a co-author in this book. That's my picture on the bottom left!  Go buy the book, you will love it!

Like you, I’m on a quest to live life the way I want to. To be fulfilled at home and at work. To really know who I am and to bring my talents to the world.
But let’s face it. Life can be tough. Especially when unexpected, sometimes drastically life-altering circumstances occur.
Well now there’s a new book that is chock-full of inspiration and deeply honest stories from women around the world who have not only faced, but survived and thrived through transitions. And they’re women entrepreneurs just like you and me.
I have recently written a chapter and reviewed an advance copy of Sheri McConnell’s new Smart Women Series™ book titled Smart Women Embrace Transitions: How to Lean into Change with Your Body, Mind, and Soul.
And let me tell you, it’s one you don’t want to miss!
If you’ve never read one of Sheri’s books, now is definitely the time to do it. Because we all face transition, and there is nothing worse than feeling overwhelmed or alone during the process.
The book is smartly broken down into sections which include health, divorce, loss of loved ones, adoption and multiple transitions. There is something to be learned from each one of these powerful women, whether you’re in a similar situation or not. Their wisdom and guidance is what EVERY women needs to hear, regardless.
Each woman’s unique story reveals the thoughts and emotional processes that happened to them before, during and after their transition. And the amazing change in mindset is the prevalent common denominator that moves them forward.
If you read each story, you’ll get the nuts and bolts of the heartfelt insight every woman shares, and an incredible close-up and personal window into their soul.
Women love to learn, share, and grow together. We need to lean on each other, no matter what life throws at us. And this is the perfect book to help you do that.
So grab your copy today and find out how to lean into transitions with your body, mind, and soul. Your purchase will also help Amnesty International.
Go ahead and tell your friends, too. You never know who will get the ‘a-ha’ insight they needat exactly the right time to help them move through change with grace and gratitude and emerge with confidence and a deeper sense of who they really are.

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