Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My child dying from accidentally ingesting peanuts is my worst nightmare.

On the last day before winter break at the selective Edison Regional Gifted Center school in Albany Park, 13-year-old Katelyn Carlson died after going into anaphylactic shock in school. The cause: Chinese food ordered as a celebration for her class.
Now, ABC reports, the Carlson family is suing the restaurant that provided the food, the Chinese Inn in Niles, for using peanuts in its preparation despite explicit requests not to.
According to the lawsuit, Chicago Public Schools officials were aware of Katelyn's acute allergy to peanuts. When teacher Jack Matsumoto ordered from Chinese Inn, he asked to be sure that no peanut products would be used in the food's preparation, the Chicago Tribune writes.
But lab testing on the food after the fact revealed that it did indeed conain trace amounts of peanut products, the Associated Press reported Saturday.
The wrongful death suit, which seeks an undisclosed amount above $100,000 in damages, was filed last Thursday in Cook County Circuit Court. 


  1. That is very negligent on the part of the food supplying restaurant.The claim can not take away the hurt or the loss.Anyway it can act as a punishment for not repeating the same.hernia surgery Los Angeles

  2. So true. We just stay away from all Chinese food. I don't even want to take the risk of asking a Chinese not to use peanut products. It's just best we avoid certain foods and stick with the safe. There is still worry in that though, from cross contamination.

    Thanks for your comment!