Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's so scary that Amanda can't even eat something as innocent as dried fruit

If the label says "Manufactured in a facility that processes tree nuts and peanuts, then she can't eat it.  When she goes to the grocery store she reads every label to make sure it is safe for her to eat.  Grocery shopping takes longer than it does for most people because it takes time to read every single label.


  1. oh wow!!! even fruit is not safe....reading the label is very important....

  2. True Diana! If you have those pictures from the past about how Canada puts allergy info. on the front of food products I'd like to see those again and post them. So very important

  3. It is so frustrating! I've learned that unless it's fresh food we almost can't eat it. Very few things are safe anymore and so many foods are cross-contaminated. Grocery shopping is a nightmare!


  4. You are right Lexi. Very few foods are safe anymore. Even some seasonings contain traces of peanuts. Oh and the real shocker....Gummybites Vitamins. I didn't notice the warning on the label, but fortunately my daughter did.
    Great blog by the way!