Friday, October 1, 2010

Article about bullying

It's so sad that it starts so young - and most often innocently.   My daughter had a friend who would say to
Amanda, "oh that cereal has peanuts", after Amanda had taken her first bite.   This is funny to children who are uninformed.  The child meant no harm of course; but I do know the jokes or bullying can be worse in middle school.

Amanda's first case of a child trying to intentionally harm her was in 2nd grade.  The teacher did not enforce that the children wash their hands after snack.  And believe it or not the school is not peanut free which means that other children were allowed to bring unsafe snacks into the class room.

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  1. It's sad when children make fun of each other and also when teachers don't try to ensure that children do what they should to be safe.