Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Allergic reaction to peanut butter at school

Got a call from the school nurse today because Amanda was in her office. Apparently, another student, who had just finished her peanut butter sandwich had touched Amanda. It affected both of Amanda's arms which was taken care of by taking Benedryl.

Amanda is anaphylaxis when she ingests peanuts. If someone touches her with their hands which have been contaminated by peanut butter, she will get the hives and itching, but will not go into anaphylaxis.

Can someone really have anaphylaxis from touching a trace of peanut butter? I know about anaphylaxis from ingesting peanuts, but potentially dying from touching it? I'd love to hear from someone who has this bad of a peanut allergy. Is is possible? I can't imagine.

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  1. My doc explained it like this: technically Tommy would need to ingest tn/pn to have an anaphylactic rx. He has broken out in hives numerous times from traces of tn/pn (not always sure which it was) on carpets or from friends touching him. He has never had an ana rx from contact. That being said... when we did his last allergy testing (a few years back now) his cashew spot was a horrible rx. He began sneezing and his eyes were watering. Doc gave antihistamine and had him watched for an hour. He was okay.

    I'm glad she was okay!! Always scary to get those nurse calls.