Friday, June 19, 2009

Peanut allergies and Reflux?

On top of Amanda being allergic to peanuts, she was just diagnosed yesterday with Acid Reflux and is now on Prevacid. She had been complaining of stomach pain for weeks, especially after eating, and I had a feeling that's what the doctor was going to us it was. She was first diagnosed back in 2007 and after 8 weeks of treatment it went away.

This has really given me something to think about. Is there a link between food allergies and reflux? Can this be what her problem was as an infant? I ask that because she cried all the time as a newborn. She was always fussy and always spitting up her formula. Her then pediatrician was a new, young doctor who told me Amanda had "colic" the common answer for new mothers from doctors who don't think anything is wrong with the baby. But looking back, all the signs were sure there.

I've often wondered if a lot her stomach ailments through the years have been because she's eating certain foods that don't agree with her. Maybe she has Celiac Disease. We are at the beginning of trying to fix her stomach pain. She is going to do 8 weeks of Prevacid and if that doesn't help then go to the next step. But hopefully this will give her some relief.

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