Sunday, October 25, 2020

Breast Cancer ~ When I was diagnosed

I wish I would have written about my journey with breast cancer when I was diagnosed, but I was too stressed and my brain was so bombarded with words I'd never heard of like architectural sclerosis and in situ and LCIS. I also had a busy family to take care of. Even though I wasn't diagnosed until January 9, 2015 I feel like my journey started way before that with 2013 and 2014 being extremely stressful years. If stress causes cancer then that's what caused mine. I will however never know and my doctor told me it's not worth the energy trying to figure it out. More about risk factors in another post. I was due for a routine mammogram in October 2014 but put it off for a couple of months. I finally made an appoint for Dec. 2014. When I got to Concord Imaging the radiologist told me that I would get to use the new 3D mammography machines. She said that when I had mind last year in October that just two weeks later they replaced them all with the 3D machines. I didn't think much about that but would learn later that it would matter in my situation. I had the mammogram and then was sent to the waiting room. Then they call me back for another image. An then another image. Then the radiologist spoke to me and said he saw something suspicious. I left wondering what. When I checked out they said they would call me. Well a week later I got a letter in the mail from Concord Imaging that totally did not make sense. The letter said you have architectural schlerosis. I had no idea what that was and called immediately. When I called she said you need to make an appointment to have a biopsey and ultrsound together at the same time. She could not schedule me for two long weeks! And trust me those were the longest two weeks of my life!

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