Tuesday, October 31, 2017

When a celebrity has breast cancer

I just heard the news that Harry Connick Jr's wife Jill Goodacre had breast cancer 5 years ago and that it was missed with a routine mammogram because of dense breasts. What happened to me is shockingly similar except that she was diagnosed at stage 1 and I was 2B. We both had Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. My breast cancer was missed in a routine mammogram in October 2013 because of a regular mammography machine. When I went in December 2014 (yes I know I was 2 months late as I'd been putting it off) I was one of the first to use the new 3D machines and that's how it was detected. If it had gone undetected again in 2014 I would have surely been at stage 3 or easily stage 4 by the time it would have been diagnosed in 2015. Something Jill said resonated with me and that was that she has been and is currently on Tamoxifen which has made her gain weight and feel more round. I can certainly relate! Her saying that validated how I feel. Tamoxifen clearly causes weight gain. My oncologist told me that was one of the side effects as he was writing the prescription. More on that later.

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